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FAQ and Affiliates

To be edited constantly.

1. How do you make these?
I made some little templates on Paint and now edit them to suit my needs on PSP 8. I also make a lot of drafts by hand. With templates, it isually takes about half an hour to make a full issue. Mostly because I will sometimes stop and go do something else.

2. Can I make icons/friends only banners/graphics/colorbars out of them?
Sure thing thing, as long as you credit me for me the art.

3. What's with the exclamation points?
Terry Pratchett is my God.

4. Why, with all the ALW references, the Phantom wears a full mask?
Mask-wise, I'm inspired by the Charles Dance!Phantom, which is one of the first versions I saw. He had this really nifty collection of masks for almost every ocassion. Some really weird masks will make appearances in upcoming numbers.

5. Can I post these on my site?
No. If you want to show them to other people, you can point them here.

6. Can I friend you?
If you're friending me just for the comics, you can just join this community. If you really want to friend me, read this post first.

7. Are Christine, Phantom Man and Fop Boy the only characters?
Nope. Soon you'll be meeting more, including something called the Infamous League of Masked Men.

8. Do you want to be affiliates?
Sure, if you have an PotO related community or an online comic /any fandom, not just Phantom) feel free to comment here and I'll add to my user info on my next update.
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